Our Why

We believe that when people better understand themselves and others, they greatly improve their ability  to work collaboratively and cohesively, to achieve greater results!  

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Our History

Barb and her late-husband Bill started The Centre for Applied Human Dynamics Training in 2004 as husband/wife team known as The Dynamic Duo. They believed that joy should follow people both personally and professionally, so they dedicated themselves to
helping people improve their relationships, at work and
at home.

Our How

We deliver engaging
and interactive personality-based
training - proving that learning doesn't have to be boring! By teaching skills like communication, resiliency and leadership, we develop the interpersonal toolbelts of all who attend our training.  

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Our Team

Today, Katie and Andrea (Daughter & Daughter-in-law of the Founders) lead the Human Dynamics Training team.  Continuing the family legacy, they employ the
same teaching methods and enthusiasm for
personality-based training that the company was built upon.

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The Full Team Roster

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Andrea Johnston
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Andrea enjoys overseeing business operations, but she finds the most joy in facilitating training and connecting with people who are eager to learn and grow. 

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Katie grew up learning about personality styles and how to use this information to improve relationships with others.  She's grateful to continue her parents' legacy by teaching this information to others.  

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In addition to his 9-5, Chris enjoys sharing and teaching the skills of connecting with others, through workshops and keynotes.  

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Barb is the co-founder, and Master Trainer for the Human Dynamics Training team.  She continues to inspire others to improve their relationships through understanding personality styles.  

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High level of emotional intelligence; we pride ourselves on being life-long learners!

Inclusive language; we respect pronouns and share stories from diverse perspectives. 

Delivery of relevant information that is engaging and enjoyable

What You Can Expect From Our Presenters

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andrea johnston

With a background in health & fitness, Andrea has always enjoyed coaching others with the goal of challenging people to think in new ways.  Moving from the gym to the corporate setting, the lessons are different but the outcome is the same: the opportunity to help others achieve personal and professional growth!

As a Certified Human Behaviour Specialist, Andrea delivers material that is relevant while also being easy to apply. Audiences enjoy her lighthearted approach to the serious issues within the workplace, allowing them to look at - and gently expand - their own perspectives, as they learn to better understand their natural tendencies and those of the folks around them.
As a busy wife, mother and entrepreneur, Andrea relates to the need for balance between work, home & health.  She truly believes we can achieve the most out of life by continually developing ourselves in order to improve our relationships with those around  us! When she’s not presenting, mothering or partnering, her vices include hot yoga, Netflix, chocolate & her Kindle. And "Yes"... you should always eat the cake! 


katie pergau

As Executive Director of the Barrie Music Festival Association for 9 years, and current Vice President of the Ontario Music Festival Association, Katie has dedicated countless hours to working with volunteers, Not for Profit organizations and their boards of directors.

Having mentored with Dr. Robert Rohm of Personality Insights in North Carolina, Katie has spent the past 20 years implementing her knowledge of “what makes people tick” in both her personal and professional life.  This life experience makes her perfectly suited to offer insight and knowledge about many different aspects of human dynamics through anecdotes and relatable examples.

Katie describes herself as a compassionate listener and high energy presenter who is able to see the big picture and help others navigate a smooth path to their self-described finish line.  She is continually pushing herself to grow and learn to better understand the many aspects of human interaction.

When she’s not presenting, performing music, or volunteering, Katie can be found hanging out with her 2 kids and husband, enjoying playing board games, drinking tea, and planning the next family adventure!

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Chris Johnston_Bio.jpg

Chris johnston

Hard hitting - factual - fun ... don't let that serious look fool you; Chris is a deep thinker who also likes to keep his presentations packed full of humour!  

​If this sounds like an oxymoron, then it’s time you experience one of Chris’ thought-provoking sessions that will allow you to expand your ideas of what your workplace culture could be!  As a big picture thinker, Chris’ delivers new and visionary information in a fearless manner that keeps his audiences both engaged and entertained.  

Discover what the future will bring to your organization with workshop & keynote presentations on industry trends, paradigm shifts, workplace culture and disruptive technologies -- all of which have the potential to significantly influence the future of your organization.   

For once, isn’t it time to get ahead of curve by understanding where the future trends are taking you & your team?    Chris delivers the tangible information you need to make that happen.


barb johnston

Barb delivers the real truths of life with compassion and understanding.  This allows her audiences to listen, learn, grow and ultimately change their own lives for the better. 

As a certified Human Behaviour Specialist and Master Trainer, Barb understands that personalities are as different as they are dynamic.  Whether it is a workshop setting or conference keynote, she delivers her message with high energy, a sense of fun and detailed information that appeals to everyone’s style of learning.

Barb’s vision is to inspire people to rediscover the “joy of life” by improving their thoughts, upgrading their attitudes and seizing the opportunity to make the best of any situation.   No matter the topic of choice – communication, change, teamwork, emotional intelligence or stress reduction -- Barb inspires people to make their lives count!