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Women Who Lead

Leading with your whole self; powerfully and authentically

Program Description

As women, we’re often taught to see our personality traits as a weakness; a problem within ourselves that needs fixing.  What if, instead, you realized that your natural tendencies were actually your greatest asset as a Leader? 

•Women are told they’re too ‘particular’ or called ‘picky’

      •Girls are said to be ‘bossy’ (or worse!)

              •Young women are viewed as ‘talkative’ or ‘cliquey’

                       •Females are referred to as being ‘too sensitive’

Imagine instead if women were praised for being;

•Organized and on top of things

         •Decisive with the capability to drive things forward

              •Engaged in community; responsible for bringing people together

                      •Supportive and nurturing to the staff and team around us

Acknowledging our own natural strengths is the first step to leading with confidence and empowering others.  This transformational presentation will have women feeling empowered to show up, fully and without apology, in all areas of life!

Program Availability

The Women Who Lead program is available in the following styles: 

Length of Program
Up to 60 mins
1.5 - 2 hrs
Customization Available
Personality Assessments
Audience Participation
Listening & Learning
# of Facilitators
Delivery Format
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
# of Attendees
Up to 100
Teaching Format
Seminar presentation
Interactive seminar

Length of Program & Delivery 


A keynote is any program under 1 hour. It can be delivered in-person or virtually, to an unlimited number of audience members.


A workshop is 1.5 - 2 hours. It is delivered in one session, regardless of whether the training engagement is in-person or virtual. A workshop can facilitate up to 100 attendees. 

Key Learning Objectives

Business Conference

Keynote Learning Objectives

Details coming soon!

man standing in front of people sitting

Workshop Learning Objectives


Audience Participation & Teaching Format


Audience members will have the opportunity to listen and learn when they attend a keynote presentation that is both motivational  and educational. Keynote addresses have only 1 presenter from the Human Dynamics Training team. 


Attendees will enjoy a light-hearted, seminar style presentation where they will have the opportunity to fill in their own worksheet and ask questions. Workshops may have 1 or 2 presenters, depending on the size of your group.

What Women Are Saying About This Program

Janet Wiper
Fire Prevention Inspector · City Of London

Thank you for this wonderful presentation! Really felt engaged through it all!  I love figuring out what kind of leadership style I align with  and can also work and focus on strengthening.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Customization is Key

We help solve YOUR people puzzles

Like people, every organization is unique.  We always meet the exact needs of our clients by working with stake holders to develop a
program that fits with the desired outcome
for your workforce. 

Image by Chris Montgomery
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