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 So You Think You Can Lead?

Developing your leadership fundamentals

Program Description

Leading a team takes work – and step number one is learning to lead ourselves! Step two is acknowledging the difference between managing people and leading people.  Understanding your own leadership strengths helps gain the confidence you need, in order to leverage the skills required to ensure the success of your role. And your success is measured by the success of your staff.


This program teaches unique concepts that will empower leaders to be supportive to the needs of the employees they lead. They’ll learn how best to connect with staff in order to understand people’s communication needs, what motivates them, and how to foster resiliency through challenging times.

Program Availability

The "So You Think You Can Lead?" program is available in all 4 styles of programming. 

Length of Program
Up to 60 mins
1.5 - 2 hrs
2.5 - 4 hrs
6.5 - 8 hrs
Customization Available
Personality Assessments
Audience Participation
Listening & Learning
# of Facilitators
Delivery Format
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
# of Attendees
Up to 100
Up to 40
Teaching Format
Seminar presentation
Interactive seminar
Seminar, group work & small team discussion
Seminar, independent work, group discussion & hands-on team activities

Length of Program & Delivery 


A keynote is any program under 1 hour. It can be delivered in-person or virtually, to an unlimited number of audience members.


A half-day program can be anywhere from 2.5-4 hours long.  In-person, a half-day program is delivered in one session. Virtually, a half-day is delivered in 2, 2-hour sessions.  There can be up to a maximum of 40 participants in a half-day program. 


A workshop is 1.5 - 2 hours. It is delivered in one session, regardless of whether the training engagement is in-person or virtual. A workshop can facilitate up to 100 attendees. 

Full Day 

A full-day program can be anywhere from 6.5-8 hours long.  In-person, a full-day program is delivered in one session. Virtually, a full-day is delivered in 4, 2-hour sessions.  An ideal size for the full-day program is between 10 and 25 attendees. 

Key Learning Objectives

Business Conference

Keynote Learning Objectives

Inspire your leadership to make people the focus of their work.  With our Learning to Lead keynote your next offsite meeting or strategic planning session will get the right conversation started. 

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Workshop Learning Objectives

Understanding their own leadership ideals, participants will gain insight into their own natural style of leading and how they can harness more of their unique skillset.

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Half-Day Learning Objectives

Beginning to understand the areas where leadership becomes a team effort, attendees will deepen their knowledge of how and when to partner with other leaders across the organization for maximum success. 

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Full-Day Learning Objectives

When your leaders understand people, they will take your business to the next level.  Here, trainees will gain the broadest view of how their skills and strengths can be used to best support the team that they lead and they'll put those skills to the test. 

Audience Participation & Teaching Format


Audience members will have the opportunity to listen and learn when they attend a keynote presentation that is both motivational  and educational. Keynote addresses have only 1 presenter from the Human Dynamics Training team. 


A half-day program allows participants to engage in small group discussion, as they process what they're learning and hear from others on their team.  Participants will also have the advantage of learning from 2 different presenters from the Human Dynamics Training team.   


Attendees will enjoy a light-hearted, seminar style presentation where they will have the opportunity to fill in their own worksheet and ask questions. Workshops may have 1 or 2 presenters, depending on the size of your group.

Full Day 

Participants of the full-day program will complete an online DISC assessment prior to the training engagement. They will also be involved in a variety of activities throughout the full-day program, allowing for new skills to be applied, tested and developed. Regardless of the size of your group, a full-day program offers 2 presenters from the Human Dynamics Training team.   

What Attendees Say About Our Leadership Training Program

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Customization is Key

We help solve YOUR people puzzles

Like people, every organization is unique.  We always meet the exact needs of our clients by working with stake holders to develop a
program that fits with the desired outcome
for your workforce. 

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