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Adapting To Change

Developing resiliency in the face of constant change

Program Description

In today’s climate of constant change and uncertainty, we all must learn to deal successfully with all aspects of change.  In fact, being able to do so has become an essential survival skill for business!

It's also vital to recognize that change requires our mental, emotional and physical energy - and we all have different approaches to getting there. So to successfully adjust to change, we must first form new expectations regarding the new conditions we are faced with. This program will help your staff harness their own unique strengths in order to tackle the continuous change they're currently being faced with.

Adapting to Change is not about being comfortable; it's about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The information in this program will teach them how to lean in to that discomfort, using their own resiliency superpower. 

Program Availability

The Adapting to Change program is available in all 4 styles and lengths of programming. 

Length of Program
Up to 60 mins
1.5 - 2 hrs
2.5 - 4 hrs
6.5 - 8 hrs
Customization Available
Personality Assessments
Audience Participation
Listening & Learning
# of Facilitators
Delivery Format
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
In-person OR Virtual
# of Attendees
Up to 100
Up to 40
Teaching Format
Seminar presentation
Interactive seminar
Seminar, group work & small team discussion
Seminar, independent work, group discussion & hands-on team activities

Length of Program & Delivery 


A keynote is any program under 1 hour. It can be delivered in-person or virtually, to an unlimited number of audience members.


A half-day program can be anywhere from 2.5-4 hours long.  In-person, a half-day program is delivered in one session. Virtually, a half-day is delivered in 2, 2-hour sessions.  There can be up to a maximum of 40 participants in a half-day program. 


A workshop is 1.5 - 2 hours. It is delivered in one session, regardless of whether the training engagement is in-person or virtual. A workshop can facilitate up to 100 attendees. 

Full Day 

A full-day program can be anywhere from 6.5-8 hours long.  In-person, a full-day program is delivered in one session. Virtually, a full-day is delivered in 4, 2-hour sessions.  An ideal size for the full-day program is between 10 and 25 attendees. 

Key Learning Objectives

Business Conference

Keynote Learning Objectives

Audience members will begin to shift their thinking around how they handle and react to change, and how this differs from others they work with. 

man standing in front of people sitting

Workshop Learning Objectives

Attendees will explore their own relationship to change to fully understand the strengths they bring to their team when experiencing change in the workplace.

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Half-Day Learning Objectives

Participants will draw from their own experience with change to begin to acknowledge and develop empathy and understanding around how other people react and relate to change. 

Image by Jason Goodman

Full-Day Learning Objectives

Participants will work with their fellow teammates as they learn to appreciate all of the different strengths that are needed, when going through change. They will develop an awareness of the many strengths provided by their co-workers. 

Audience Participation & Teaching Format


Audience members will have the opportunity to listen and learn when they attend a keynote presentation that is both motivational  and educational. Keynote addresses have only 1 presenter from the Human Dynamics Training team. 


A half-day program allows participants to engage in small group discussion, as they process what they're learning and hear from others on their team.  Participants will also have the advantage of learning from 2 different presenters from the Human Dynamics Training team.   


Attendees will enjoy a light-hearted, seminar style presentation where they will have the opportunity to fill in their own worksheet and ask questions. Workshops may have 1 or 2 presenters, depending on the size of your group.

Full Day 

Participants of the full-day program will complete an online DISC assessment prior to the training engagement. They will also be involved in a variety of activities throughout the full-day program, allowing for new skills to be applied, tested and developed. Regardless of the size of your group, a full-day program offers 2 presenters from the Human Dynamics Training team.   

What Attendees Say About This Program

 New Horizons Communication

From this program, I'm taking away another tool in understanding how to lead staff - particularly through change. Understanding how different personalities adapt (or don't to change is imperative for our business. Thank You!

15_Client Testimonial -Oct.png
Image by Kvalifik

Customization is Key

We help solve YOUR people puzzles

Like people, every organization is unique.  We always meet the exact needs of our clients by working with stake holders to develop a
program that fits with the desired outcome
for your workforce. 

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