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What the Health: understanding the value of taking a break

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Anyone else feel like they've had their fill of change and challenge for a while? The pandemic has pushed us all in ways we've never expected or experienced. And the 15 months merry-go-round is not yet over. But what we do know is that if we want to focus on our mental health it means stepping back and taking a break.

Taking a break isn't a luxury - it's a necessity

You're thinking "Hah! I'd love to but ..... " And you're right - taking a break isn't always easy. Sometimes taking a break can feel like more work than just continuing to move forward. The difference is that if we don't take a break, our mind and/or body will take one for us. And rarely does that break come at a time when stress is gone and responsibilities have stopped. And it almost always means LOTS of recovery time!

But taking a break isn't only something you need - it's something you deserve. Taking a break doesn't mean you're lazy. It doesn't mean you're weak or that you can't hack it. Taking a break actually means you're being responsible to you and your commitments. It means that you understand the importance of being at your best. And it means that you believe in prioritizing your well-being so you can return to the demands that still lie ahead.

Breaks look differently for different people

What an actual break looks or feels like is different for all of us. Some people like to hike in the woods and connect with nature. Others like to binge watch a whole season of Netflix and cry themselves dry. Both can be rejuvenating for the right person! (And there's no judgement here, either way.)

The key is determining what activities or actions bring you joy and make you feel lighter. To get you started in the right direction, we've created a special gift just for you!

Are you waiting for permission?

Even as adults we sometimes believe that we need permission to take a break.

Well -HELLO WORLD- if that's you, then *this* is the sign you've been waiting for. Below is your very own permission slip! It's here for you, to use however you'd like and in whatever way you need.

You can zoom in and read it to yourself, and you can even download a pdf version below. However you use it, we hope you'll use it wisely and use it often.

A customized permission slip for whatever self indulgence you need to take a mental and emotional break for yourself.
Self Indulgence Permission Slip

Self Indulgence Permission Slip
Download PDF • 106KB


We all need to take breaks at some point. For ourselves, our sanity and for the sake of our relationships. When time is limited and patience is low, those are the exact signs that tell us "We need a break NOW!" Make sure you're listening to yourself (or us!) and acting accordingly.


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