Navigating Burnout in an Ocean of Stress

This stream focuses on the current realities of a pandemic work-life. This new way of living and working requires us to learn new ways of adapting - which includes addressing our stress!

Attendees will examine the body's stress cycle and stress response, learning new ways to improve emotional well being and even using stress to their benefit

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This stream focuses on how each style naturally communicates, and how our different styles cause misunderstandings with coworkers, bosses or even customers. Attendees will learn how to lean into specific aspects of their communication strength and where those strengths need to be adapted to better connect with others. 


Change Resiliency

 This stream focuses on the resiliency superpower that each personality style inherently possesses when adapting to change. Attendees will learn how to support those around them through tough change, using their unique resiliency superpower, as well as understand how best to rely on the resiliency superpower of others. 

At the Office
Work Presentation


 This stream focuses on a deeper understanding of how to encourage and motivate staff, leveraging each person’s unique personality style. Attendees will address their own leadership strengths and develop a clear framework -including benefits and pitfalls- in order to know how best to coach and manage their staff. 


Conflict Resolution

This stream focuses on what motivates certain behaviours in each of the different personality styles, and how best to approach resolution with someone, according to their style. Attendees will learn basic conflict resolution strategies that will better leverage their understanding of each personality style, and personality style blends. 

Shaking Hands


This stream focuses on training sales teams to better understand someone’s buying signals, in order to best represent their company and meet the needs of potential customers. Attendees will also learn how to work within their own personality styles to adapt and develop great communication with new people. 

Customer Service

This stream focuses on recognizing the unspoken needs of customers for frontline/customer-facing staff to build lasting relationships and improve the overall reputation of the company. Attendees will learn how to work within their own personality styles to communicate effectively and efficiently within the many brief interactions they have with customers. 

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