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Human Dynamics Training

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How We Can Help Your Organization


Increase their
interpersonal skill set


Develop accountability & leadership skills to better manage people


Regain their time to work on overall business objectives & goals


Increases productivity and opportunity for growth

Our Training Programs

Communication training

Learn different communication styles to improve engagement with the people in your organization.


Manager communicating changes to staff
Change Resiliency

We all have our own unique resiliency superpower.  Learn yours and how you can leverage others' superpowers from your team. 

Change Resiliency

leadership training

Strong leadership is a must if the goal is a productive team.  Managers will  learn how best to lead their direct reports and develop skills to handle the needs of the staff on their team.


Resolving conflict with customer
Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflict is not easy, but it is possible! Learn skills and strategies to manage the conflict that naturally  occurs in workplace teams. 


Conflict Resolution

sales negotiation

Being great at sales requires a high amount of self-awareness and a deep understanding of others. Learn skills that will lead to increased sales for your team.


Customer Service

Learn the unspoken needs of customers for frontline/customer facing staff to build lasting relationships and improve the overall reputation of the company.

Customer service rep
Customer Service

Customer service teams are the front line of any organization. Develop your staff's ability to understand and connect with all the customer they interact with. 

Customer Service



Our expert ability to improve the quality of work  relationships and team dynamics. 


Our passion for delivering information that is impactful and actionable. 


Our commitment to provide training that is engaging and meets your organization's needs.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Training

Clients With Improved Team Interactions
& Increased Employee Engagement

What Our
Clients Say
About Our Work

Full-day Adapting to Change Course.jpg

Andrea Coyne


AMCTO Zone 3

Thank you on behalf of Zone 3 for a fantastic presentation and sharing of knowledge at our fall 2020 meeting. Each meeting, Zone 3 aims to offer engaging and dynamic presenters and educational opportunities, and Katie Pergau exceeded our expectations with her ‘So You Think You Can Lead? Discovering Your Unique Leadership Strengths’ presentation. I am confident that the members enjoyed the presentation and pulled many great pieces from it to apply to their daily work and life.


The Centre of Applied Human Dynamics contributed to the overall success of the meeting not only with the delivery of the powerful presentation, but also the ease in the planning of the completely virtual event. The company was easy to work with and constantly pivoted with the Zone as we dealt with the ever changing situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being completely virtual, the delivery of the presentation was engaging and greatly contributed to the event. Katie was able to use her knowledge and experience in the area of leadership in an entertaining and educational way.


I would absolutely recommend Katie and the Centre for Applied Human Dynamics for anyone looking for an engaging and insightful educational presentation or event. I look forward to keeping in touch with the company and utilizing their skills and abilities for future presentation needs.

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