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Get the Exact Training You're Looking For

 If you haven’t trained with us, you aren’t leveraging personality training to its fullest! 

Online Delivery Training Session #1 Coho

Your format for online participation worked well and your pace is pretty much bang on too, both Andrea and Katie are great presenters and clearly subject matter experts.

Barb Fedy, Director
Social Services, Grey County

Find A Service That Meets Your ...

* Event style
* Agenda
* Audience Size
* Theme
  • 1-2 hours in length depending on your needs

  • Delivered in person or online

  • Topic choice will be discussed to best meet your event theme or meeting focus

  • Perfect as a stand-alone session (ex. lunch and learn, networking dinner, etc.) 

  • Can be added to town hall agenda as a professional development break for participants

  • Breakout or plenary session during a conference

  • Accommodates an audience of up to 100 people 

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What Audiences can Expect:​

  • A fun and engaging presentation

  • Moderate amount of audience participation (we won’t work you too hard!) 

  • High-level learnings that can be applied immediately

Available with the following programs:

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Half-Day Training

  • Between 2.5-4 hrs in length depending on your needs

  • Delivered in person (1 sitting) or online (can be divided into 2 sessions) 

  • Topic choice will be tailored to best meet your needs

  • Perfect as a stand-alone training event (Professional Development day, Staff Appreciation day, etc.) 

  • Can be the kick-off activity of your event (company retreat, management off-site meeting, etc. )

  • Ideal for up to 40 people 

What Audiences can Expect:​

  • A fun and engaging learning experience

  • High level of audience participation 

  • Foundational learnings that can be applied immediately with the option to develop knowledge further, at a later time

Available with the following programs: 

  • 8 hrs of training material 

  • Delivered in person (1 day) or online (over 4 sessions) 

  • Topics can be focused to best meet your needs

  • Perfect for a single PD day or ongoing weekly professional development (when delivered online) 

  • Ideal for any level of employee within an organization or association

  • A leadership stream is available for executive or management teams

  • Ideal for teams of 10-25 people


Full-Day Training

What Audiences can Expect:​

  • An interactive and enjoyable learning experience

  • Equal amounts of formal presentation and audience participation 

  • Immersive experience with deep learnings that will have lasting impact

Available for the following programs: 

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  • Presentation that is 90-min or less

  • Delivered in person or online

  • Topic will be selected by you, according to your needs

  • Perfect for setting the intention or mindset from the start of an event (full day company meeting, conference, convention, etc.) 

  • Excellent for the focal point of an evening event (awards gala, celebration banquet or networking event)

  • Can accommodate an audience of any size

What Audiences can Expect:​

  • A formal and enjoyable presentation

  • Audience is only required to sit back, listen and learn

  • Professional delivery that will inspire new perspectives and thoughtful reflection

This is available for:


1-on-1 Coaching

  • 1-hour sessions

  • In person or online

  • This coaching is delivered to 1 person within an organization, where full day training course has already taken place

  • Sessions can be booked on an as needs basis, between 1-5 sessions at a time. 

  • A brief consultation is required before coaching can begin; we do not offer coaching for any employee/personnel issue that cannot reasonably be resolved in 5 or less coaching sessions. 

Ideal for Managers who: 

  • struggle to understand how best to work with an employee

  • require a deeper understanding of how to motivate individual staff members

  • are responsible for resolving a conflict between 2 individuals on their team

  • want to further develop their own leadership strengths

*NOTE: Coaching is only available to people who have attended full-day training.


Frontline Package for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Our frontline package has been designed for large teams of staff or volunteers, whose manager has participated in our full-day training course. 

  • Packages include individual online assessments for each staff and one 90-min workshop, that is delivered online, including a 30-min Q&A session

  • Packages are tiered to meet the number of frontline staff within a team or organization, to a maximum of 100 people

Ideal for Non-Profit Agencies that:

  • employs a large workforce with limited budget for training

  • has management team who has participated in full-day training course

  • wants to have staff complete an assessment, allowing for better 1-on-1 coaching from their direct supervisor

Ideal for Managers Who:

  • have taken the full-day training course

  • want to train their staff on the basics of personality styles

  • are interested in coaching staff, using personality information and language

*This Frontline Package is only available to agencies whose managers have attended our full-day training course.